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Artificial Lift

INDEQUIPOS provides our customers the best goods and services through The Artificial Lift  Division, where multicultural professionals are working together from different fields and area specialties.  We also have exceptional solutions for client’s reservoir conditions and requirements, through many Artificial lift products we have.

Artificial Lift Products

The products and systems where INDEQUIPOS has manufactured and/or sale experience are:

  1. Mechanical Pumping System

  2. Progressive cavity pump system. Surface and subsurface equipment.

  3. Accessories for ESP lift systems and cable guards for pumping 

  4. Conventional Sucker Rods. API 11B, High Strength.

  5. Products for steam injection and thermal packers.

  6. Tubing

  7. Line Pipes

  8. Isolated pipe

  9. Pipe Coatings

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