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Our added Value to you  

Quality Policy and Corporate Management Indicators

Indequipos' goal is simple, we strive to add value to your company, helping you reach your goals. The administration of Indequipos Group and all our employees are committed and focused on working in the following 7 indicators of corporate governance:


Delivery time:


We will implement the promised delivery dates in our offers.


Technical Performance:


The products and services meet the promised specifications.


Customer Satisfaction:


Our customers will be pleased to have done business with our organization, and will want to do it again.


Competitive bidding:


Generate strategies to develop and submit their best prices to our customers.


Risk Management:


Analyze and develop plans to avoid all hazards that affect people, environment, and physical facilities.

Key People:

Our employees are a key asset to our success. Therefore, at Indequipos, we make sure that our valued team members are always well informed and educated, well protected, and happy so that they may continue serving you with a smile.


Code of Ethics:


We will always work with transparency, honesty, and ethics as the policy described the administration of the company.

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