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Our Petroleum Division will provide solutions to enable our customers to achieve sustainable optimization level production processes of hydrocarbons.

Oil Management Assets

  1. Development of Operating Plans for the Short, Medium, and Long-term

  2. Operations for the Development and Optimization of Oil and Gas Fields

  3. Preservation of the Life Cycle of the Assets

Reservoir Engineering

  1. Field Design and Development

  2. Reservoir Monitoring and Characterization

  3. Design and Optimization of Oil Production Operation

  4. Diagnosis for Enhancement Engineering for Mature Fields or Diagnosis for the Incremental Production in Marginal Fields

  5. Production Forecast

Operational Reliability

  1. Underground and Surface Operational Reliability

  2. Mechanical Integrity of Oil Assets

  3. Study of the Corrosion and Prevention Philosophy

  4. Risk Management

  5. Operation and Maintenance Management

  6. Audits

  7. Data Management

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