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Service and Integrated Projects

Integral operation and maintenance services for:

  1. Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

  2. Oilfield, petrochemical plants, electrical energy generation, operation and maintenance (O&M) contracts.

  3. The refinery, chemical plants, and other industrial facilities turnarounds, including maintenance of rotating equipment with associated auxiliary systems such as electric, control, metal-mechanic, and instrumentation.

  4. Oilfield and Industrial equipment installation, pre-commissioning, commissioning, and startup.


Modifications and Conversions


Throughout our years of experience, we have developed high-performance personnel, dedicated to the optimization of energy consumption, equipment upgrade, and system modernization focused on latest technologies. In order to meet today’s market requirements, we specialize in:

  1. Plant, Equipment and Controls, Modernization and Upgrades.

  2. Diesel Engine Upgrades, Uprates and Conversions to dual fuel (Diesel-Gas).

  3. Power and Control System Upgrades.

  4. Air and Gas Compressors Upgrades and Uprates.


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